About Us

Maharaj Ji

The Beginning…

“Maharaj Ji” was born and brought up in Sadadh Gaon. Later in his life he served the
Indian Army for more than 2 decades. After retiring, he started giving back to the
society by helping pilgrims with stay, site information and Indian mythology behind
religious places in his village.

In 2006, he was on his annual trip to “Sem Nagraja”. As fate would have it, during his
return to the village, he chanced upon a tragic scene; a lion had attacked a cow that
had been tied to a tree. By the time Maharaj ji reached the cow, her struggle had ended
with death.

“Sh. Kulanand Ashram”

This incident changed the goal of his life; he started providing shelter to the stray cows
and the cows disowned by their owners as they became old. That is when “Sh.
Kulanand Ashram ” was born and since then Maharaj Ji did not look back and he
dedicated his entire life and earnings for the betterment of cows and the pilgrims
visiting Sem Nagraja Temple

The Ashram & Cow Shelter

“Madbhagi Saur” is located at the foothills of “Sem Nagraja” temple and the roads end
at this point. It is quite a remote place with limited facilities available for pilgrims.
Maharaj ji has catered 6-8 rooms built with attached bathrooms and hot water supply.
He provides dormitory facilities to accommodate most of the pilgrims. Besides this
food and tea is provided to all visitors of the Ashram including poor/needy from local

Our Trustees

Maharaj Ji

Care Taker….

Bhagwati Prasad Chamoli

Trustee Member ds

Businessman based out of Dehradun.

Dr. Sandeep Semwal

Finance Secretary

Doctor by profession, based out of Dehradun

Adv. Ranghad Ji

Trustee Member

Advocate by profession, based out of Dehradun